Family Gatherings

We recently had the opportunity to get together with family on Jarom's side that live near us along the Wasatch front.

Uncle S. Calabio took these awesome pics. Mahalo!

J. Merrill had lots of love and attention.
That look.

Hubby and our babe.

Aunty Jo and the pups.
The evening's gang.

I'm grateful to be apart of this beautiful family. The diversity in talents, personalities, experience, insights, and abilities, makes this family rich in all things lovely and I'm humbled to be apart of it.

Family is such a unique, built-in support system that has your back, that looks out for you and encourages you to be your best. How grateful I am for that!

All families have their struggles, as do individuals in those families, but I am grateful that as family we can remind each other of what is most important and eternally significant, which is the relationships with our loved ones.

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