Big Island Sam's

We tried a restaurant called Big Island Sam's near us not too long ago. Like most island food places, we heard of this place through the grapevine. The hubby had wanted to go for a while and we finally found a day and time that worked.

 These three fellas are my life. Just waiting for our food.
 That happy face! He was so totally happy to be here.
 My J. Merrill boy.
 While waiting for our food we decided to take a family picture to mark this memory.
 His loco moco came! Look at those onions. (I'm an onion fan. Sorry to all those who sit near me later). Loco Mocos are true "local" island food. You can tell how "local" an island food joint is by their Loco Mocos, which is made up of rice, hamburger patties, eggs, brown gravy and onions. This Hawaiian is happy!
 The Big Island Sam's Loco Moco plate up close and personal.
My plate! I chose a classic teriyaki burger. "Mac" salad seen bottom left on my plate is also a classic island food.

 The "teri" burger up close and personal. Yum.
 Our nice waiter friend took a picture of our family. I think our oldest had a "kanack attack"!

Big Island Sam's is definitely a nice place for island food here in desert Utah. If you're in the area and looking for island flavors, we would love to join you at Big Island Sam's.


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