Dutch Family Gathering

How grateful I am for my heritage. I am half Dutch-Indonesian from my Dad's side. My Dad has first cousins that live in the Netherlands with their families and on occasion, we get blessed and get to see these extended family members and connect with them.

This side of the Dutch family comes from my Grandfather's side, the Lambrechtsen side. Three of Opa's sister's children were able to make it to my Dad's for the gathering: Oom Carlo, Oom Peddy, and Tante Anita. My Dad's oldest sister, who I haven't seen in 16 years, was also able to make it for the visit.

Gourmet cheeses (including Gouda!) and, of course, grapes.

Pre-dinner chatter about Hawai'i and Italy with Aunty Chrissy and Tante Anita.

Chow time! The eating party: Hubby, Oom Peddy, Brandon, and J. Merrill

Jr. eating his rice and chicken so diligently.

Peddy + Anita: Siblings reunited!

Oom Carlo: the oldest of the Panhuyzen siblings.

Oom Carlo showing the J. Merrill the ways of the cam recorder. 

Joanna's fiance, Brandon, gave the boys a "horse" ride, which they, of course, loved! Thank you, Brandon!

Gathering around to watch family video clips.

Time flew by too fast. Before we knew it, it was 10:30 p.m. and time to get our babies home. Oom Carlo even wore a Hawai'ian shirt for the Hubby.

I'm so grateful for my heritage and for these chances to reconnect with those roots so I can share it with my babes.

Hoorah for the family!



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