Fun Gender Reveal of Child #3

Earlier this morning the hubby and I threw around the idea of finding out the gender of the baby.  I am 15 weeks and 5 days and we had heard you could find out the gender around this gestational age. 

Once hubby gets an idea in his head that he likes he commits. He called several places around the valley hoping for an appointment today. After several tries he found a place that would provide a gender reveal ultrasound at the Gateway Mall in downtown SLC. The place is called Accuscan and they do all kinds of health imaging including ultrasounds.

The folks at Accuscan were so helpful and accommodating.They were scheduled to close sooner than we could arrive, but they willingly stayed after hours to help us have the special surprise we thought would be fun.

During the ultrasound the technician had us look away around the time she was finding the gender. She finished the ultrasound, printed pictures, hid the gender pics in a white envelope and gave us the rest. Then she gave us the white envelope. Ah!

We took the envelope with us to our favorite authentic Italian brick oven pizza place, Settebello. We gave the envelope with the gender pictures to our waiter with the instructions to serve us a Settebello pizza if it was a boy, and serve us a dessert Nutella pizza if it was a girl.

I have felt it was a boy for a while during this pregnancy. I've had the same cravings as I did with my boys' pregnancies and not much has been different with this pregnancy than the other two. 

Hubby has been rooting for a girl. He wants a girl so bad. We both have felt like it would be fun to have a girl. 

The results.............*drum roll*...............

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