The Birth Center Route

Today was our first prenatal group meeting with other families expecting their new additions in July or August 2016. The following video is a introduction of what we could expect with this appointment.

After thoughts and review of the general experience.

The experience was nice. What I like about how the Utah Birth Center works is that we take our own weight, blood pressure and test our own urine (not gross, but quite cool!)  and write the stats down so we have that information for our own reference. Since I've had the chance to be more actively involved in taking my vitals each time, I feel more prepped with questions to ask and I don't feel like I'm left in the dark with a lot of the things medical assistants would do for me with past experiences. I appreciate the hands on experience. I want to know what is going on with my own body! Being an active participant in gathering that information allows me to be more aware, I feel.

Overall, I'm really enjoying my experience thus far. The midwives are personable. Everyone knows you by name and are personal, approachable, and friendly.

What are your thoughts on birth centers? Have you worked with a birth center before?

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