On Marriage

My little sister is getting married next weekend, and I am happy for her.  The lessons I've learned from marriage so far have been rich and enduring.

God First

I am a believer in Christ, and I've noticed when my relationship with God struggles, so do all other areas of my life, marriage included. God is the ultimate example of success. He knows all things and is all powerful. He can help us, and He can show us how to succeed, if we'll listen and heed. I've heard somewhere, "When your communication with God struggles, so will communication with your spouse." It is true. God's hand will bless anything it is allowed to touch. Let Him touch your marriage by relying on Him continually.


Communication is work that will make your marriage stronger. I had a teacher and mentor who taught me a profound principle; he said: "The key to a sizzling marriage is communication." For a fire hot marriage: Be open. Be honest. Be free and sincere. Share encouragement. Share fears. Share testimonies and faith. The relationship dwindles when communication wanes. Nurture this significant of all relationships with kind words daily.


It is hard to give when you're on empty. Part of recharging yourself includes continuing to develop personal talents, gifts, and dreams, including hobbies and interests that nurture your spirit. Being married means you become yoked together in chasing each others' dreams, in encouraging and nurturing each others' unique gifts and contributions. You help him, and he helps you. Take time to take care of you, and let your companion help take care of you, so your well is full and ready to give.

Last of all have fun. Be gentle with yourself and your spouse. Moments are precious, and life is short. Seize the day!

You got this. Heaven has your back.

With all my love,

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